AS/RS Long Goods Automated Storage Systems Honey Comb

Innovations Mumbai offers AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Long Goods Bars Profiles Pipes Roads Bars With Rail Mounted Stacker Cranes, With Stacker Cranes Mounted On Overhead Cranes. In Single Vertical Storage Towers, Dual Storage Towers, Multiple towers With Stacker Crane, Honey Comb Storage System. With Options Of Front & Side Access & Integration With ERP WMS Forklifts Manipulators Laser Cutting Machines, Waterjet Cutting Machines.
Efficient And Orderly, Automatic Storage And Sorting Of Large Quantities Of Long Goods Such As Pipes, Profiles, Rods, Panels, Etc
AS/RS Automated Long Goods Storage System For Bars Profiles Pipes Rods HoneyComb
  • Access To Individual Pieces Of Goods. Separates Different Types Of Bars
  • Increases Staff Safety. Allows Operators To Load And Unload Long Rods, Pipes, Profiles Safely. Helping them In The Most Dangerous Warehouse Operations.
  • Save Space For Other Uses, Expand Production Line Or Other Purposes.
  • Automated Transport Of Goods Significantly Reduces The Risk Of Damage.
  • Protects Stored Goods Against Damage. Decreases Logistic Costs.
  • Ensures Faster And More Efficient Transport Of Materials
  • Easy To Install, Expand And Operate. Integrates With Downstream Machines Like Laser Cutting/Water-jet Cutting, Machining Centers. Equipments Like Forklifts, Manipulators, Stacker Cranes. Integrates With Company’s ERP/WMS System.
  • Best Suited For Heavy Metal Fabrication Shops, Shipyards, Railways, Automotive, HVAC, Earth Moving-Road-Heavy Machines, Construction, etc
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