AS/RS Overhead Stacker Crane Serving Multiple Aisles For Drums OF Oils-Lubricants-Chemicals

IntraLog Innovations, Mumbai offers AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Palletized Goods as well as For Drums of Oils-Lubricants-Chemicals-Paints With Overhead Stacker Cranes Serving Multiple Aisles With Payloads Upto 907 kgs,
It Allows Single Operator To Handle Palletized Loads, Control Inventory, Work Safely & Efficiently, Make Use Of Vertical Space.


AS/RS Drums Of Oils Chemical Lubricants Paints With Overhead Stacker Crane Serving Multiple Aisles
Paint Drum System To Store-Retrieve Paints Drums

  • Storage Locations 1476
  • Payload Each 350 Kgs.
  • Operates 3 Shifts Per Day
  • 7 Days A Week
  • 100 Movements Per 7 Hour Shift

Benefits After Installation

  • Reduced Personnel Injuries
  • Increased Access Times
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Increased Production Space


AS/RS Pallets Rack Mounted Stacker Crane For Upto 2 Multiple Aisles

System Length Can Be Extended Quickly & Easily. Additional Side Access Openings Can Be Added.
Variety Of Pallet Dimensions. Pallets Widths From 30″ To 84″, Depths 30″ To 48″
Variety Of Work Stations Can Be Provided For Tray Storage-Retrieval Including Forklift Access To Allow For Moving Trays To Work Cells.


Top 5 Reasons To Automate

  • Higher Output
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Availability
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced Inventory Damage
Inventory Control

  • Inventory Tracking FIFO/ Randem
  • Store-Track Product Information By SKU, Qty, PIN, Description
  • Enter Single Indivudal Pick Commands OR Multiple Commands For Batch Runs
  • Operate/ Program From Remote Location
Equipment Features

  • Bridge & Trolley-Laser Positioning
  • 360 Deg Mast Rotation-Encoder Positioning
  • Carriage Full Height Positioning – Laser Positioning
  • Maintenance Mode Override For Manual Operation
  • Ethernet Wireless Communication
Integrated Equipment

  • Fencing. Interlocked Gates
  • Protective Light Curtains
  • Visual Indicator Light Lamps
  • In-feed/ Out-Feed Conveyors
  • W.I.P. Carts. Transfer Cars.
  • Static Load & Unload Stations
AS/RS Miniload Rack Mounted Stacker Crane Serving Multiple Aisles



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