AS/RS Pallets Stacker Crane Serving Multiple Aisles For Loads Upto 2.7 Tons Upto 7.62m High

IntraLog Innovations, Mumbai offers AS/RS Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems For Palletized Goods Storage With Overhead Stacker Cranes Serving Multiple Aisles For Payloads 907 kgs, 1814 kgs, 2721 kgs Rack Heights 2.44m to 7.62m
AS/RS For Goods On Metal Pallets On Special Instantly Adjustable Racks With Integrated Overhead Stacker Crane. Allows Single Operator To Handle Palletized Goods, Heavy Dies-Moulds, Control Inventory, Work Safely & Efficiently, Make Use OF Vertical Space.
AS/RS Pallets Rack Mounted Stacker Crane For Multiple Aisles
System Length Can Be Extended Quickly & Easily. Additional Side Access Openings Can Be Added.
Variety Of Pallet Dimensions. Pallets Widths From 30″ To 84″, Depths 30″ To 48″
Variety Of Work Stations Can Be Provided For Tray Storage-Retrieval Including Forklift Access To Allow For Moving Trays To Work Cells.


Advantages Of Stacker Crane Serving Serving Multiple Aisles
Top 5 Reasons To Automate

  • Higher Output
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Availability
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced Inventory Damage
Inventory Control

  • Inventory Tracking FIFO/ Randem
  • Store-Track Product Information By SKU, Qty, PIN, Description
  • Enter Single Indivudal Pick Commands OR Multiple Commands For Batch Runs
  • Operate/ Program From Remote Location
Equipment Features

  • Bridge & Trolley-Laser Positioning
  • 360 Deg Mast Rotation-Encoder Positioning
  • Carriage Full Height Positioning – Laser Positioning
  • Maintenance Mode Override For Manual Operation
  • Ethernet Wireless Communication
Single Aisle Configuration Double Aisle Configuration Triple Aisle Configuration
AS/RS Drums Of Oils Chemical Lubricants Paints With Overhead Stacker Crane Serving Multiple Aisles

Paint Drum System To Store-Retrieve Paints Drums

  • Storage Locations 1476
  • Payload Each 350 Kgs.
  • Operates 3 Shifts Per Day
  • 7 Days A Week
  • 100 Movements Per 7 Hour Shift

Benefits After Installation

  • Reduced Personnel Injuries
  • Increased Access Times
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Increased Production Space


Combination Of Stacker Crane With Adjustable Beam Racks Improves Operations

Benefits Of Instantly Adjustable Racks With Goods On Metal Pallets
  • Goods Placed On Steel Pallets. Shelves Heights Instantly Adjustable To Suit Load Dimensions.
  • No Rack Beams Set To Specific Heights. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space. Free Valuable Floor Space.
  • Compact Storage Means Less Travelling To Retrieve Goods. Reduced Labor Costs. Improved Employee Productivity
  • One Operator Effortlessly Handles Loads In 2 Aisles 4 Rows With Minimal Training, No Driver License.
  • Entire Inventory Easily Accessible. Maximum Load Handling Capacity At Any Height. Highly Reliable Equipment.
  • Maximum Capacity Load At Any Height. Ideal For Goods With Uniformly Distributed Loads E.g Stamping Dies, Injection Moulds
  • Move Loads Effortlessly Under Power. Effective Use of Valuable Floor Space. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space.
  • Eliminating Forklifts Helps Reduce Human Errors, Injuries, Deaths, Damages To Assets, Facilities, Racks, Walls.


  • Pallets Are Equipped With Full Length Fork Pockets To Prevent Tipping Of Pallets When Pallets Are Side Loaded.
  • Increased Storage Density With No Wasted Air Space.
  • Shelves Can Be Placed With 4” Vertical Gap, Drastic Saving of Vertical Space.
  • Racking Scalable. Can Be Easily Expanded – Grow So Your Needs Grow.
  • Ability To Store Goods OF Varied Sizes-Shapes In High Density Pallet Racks.
  • Racks, Pallets To Carry Uniform Distributed Load Of 907, 1814 Or 2721 Kgs.
  • Unlike Conventional Pallet Racks, There Are No Beams Set To Specific Heights. Racks Instantly Adjustable As Your Inventory & Space Requirements Change.
  • Allows Store More Goods In Same Cubic Space Eliminating Wasted Air Space.


Single Operator Handles 200 Moulds-Dies Storage Upto 2721 Kgs Upto 7.44m High

Example Of Use

  • Molds-Dies Storage
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Goods On Pallets
  • Stores 200 Molds-Dies


  • Increased Productivity
  • Space Savings
  • Better Safety
  • Better Inventory Control.
  • Saved 42% Space Over Conventional Pallet Racks



AS/RS Pallets Overhead Stacker Crane Single Aisle Single Deep Storage


AS/RS Pallets Overhead Stacker Crane Two Aisles Single Deep Storage
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