Adjustable Beam Racks With Metal Pallets To Store Heavy Goods-Moulds

Benefits Of Instantly Adjustable Racks With Goods On Metal Pallets
  • Goods Placed On Steel Pallets. Shelves Heights Instantly Adjustable To Suit Load Dimensions.
  • No Rack Beams Set To Specific Heights. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space. Free Valuable Floor Space.
  • Compact Storage Means Less Travelling To Retrieve Goods. Reduced Labor Costs. Improved Employee Productivity
  • One Operator Effortlessly Handles Loads In 2 Aisles 4 Rows With Minimal Training, No Driver License.
  • Entire Inventory Easily Accessible. Maximum Load Handling Capacity At Any Height. Highly Reliable Equipment.
  • Maximum Capacity Load At Any Height. Ideal For Goods With Uniformly Distributed Loads E.g Stamping Dies, Injection Moulds
  • Move Loads Effortlessly Under Power. Effective Use of Valuable Floor Space. Increased Storage In Same Cubic Space.
  • Eliminating Forklifts Helps Reduce Human Errors, Injuries, Deaths, Damages To Assets, Facilities, Racks, Walls.
  • Pallets Are Equipped With Full Length Fork Pockets To Prevent Tipping Of Pallets When Pallets Are Side Loaded.
  • Increased Storage Density With No Wasted Air Space.
  • Shelves Can Be Placed With 4” Vertical Gap, Drastic Saving of Vertical Space.
  • Racking Scalable. Can Be Easily Expanded – Grow So Your Needs Grow.
  • Ability To Store Goods OF Varied Sizes-Shapes In High Density Pallet Racks.
  • Racks, Pallets To Carry Uniform Distributed Load Of 907, 1814 Or 2721 Kgs.
  • Unlike Conventional Pallet Racks, There Are No Beams Set To Specific Heights. Racks Instantly Adjustable As Your Inventory & Space Requirements Change.
  • Allows Store More Goods In Same Cubic Space Eliminating Wasted Air Space.


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