3D Pallets Shuttles For Case Picking From Pallets

Pallet AS/ RS With Shuttles
-High-density, high-throughput for storage-distribution of pallets for high volume fast-moving SKUs.
-Ideal economic automation solution for warehouses, distribution centers with lower ceiling heights
-High-density storage, good space utilization, throughput, cost efficiencies, flexibility, modularity, scalability.
-Easily adaptable to existing buildings, growth in ever-changing SKU mixes, JIT deliveries, packaging, returns.
-Helps reduce total cost, factoring facility, labor, equipment, inventory with efficient storage-throughput
-Speeds-up throughput, improves cost efficiency, helps maintain more precise product tracking
-Sufficient flexibility, space utilization, throughput and cost payback to justify the investment
Best suited for Cold-Storage warehouses, distribution centers:-
-Helps avoids manually-operated forklifts impacting racks, doors, walls and product cases.
-Helps reduce fulfillment errors that increases returns, shipping costs, poor product rotation
-Helps reduce personnel, improves safety, reduces staff recruitment and retention problems.
-Helps food-beverage operations run 24/7, high-density storage, high-volume, limited-SKU counts
Pallet AS/ RS With 3D Shuttles
-Shuttles move horizontally in X-Y directions. Lifts transport either only shuttle, only pallet or both. Both controlled by WMS.
-It is possible to start with one shuttle, one lift and scale up with more shuttles-lifts as needs grow.
-Shuttles-lifts only moving parts for all pallet movements. Short inbound-outbound conveyors, compact simple as/rs pre-zones.
-High-density storage in FIFO or LIFO configurations with storage of more than 20 pallets deep.
-Configurable, flexible, scalable. Adapts to any existing/new warehouse building, no matter the size constraints
-Expansion and reconfiguration simplified with few physical changes in racks and software.
-Lowers pre-zone costs with inexpensive pallet racking-forklifts or gravity-flow conveyor with manual pallet stackers instead of conventional powered conveyor
-Flexible storage- easily adaptable to ever-changing fast and slow-moving SKUs from 80/20% to say 60/40% mix.
-Access multiple SKU’s on any aisle, any level. Allows deep-lane and shallow-lane storage within same racks.
-24/7 operation allows off-shift staging-sequencing of pallets to rapidly load trucks with a shuttle and forklift
-As shuttles- lifts use own arrays of sensors for motion-safety control. No need of Wifi sensors in warehouse.
-Shuttles powered by 120ah Li-ion batteries, can operate continuously for up to 6 hours.
-Batteries can fully charge up automatically in 30 minutes using aisle charging locations. Opportunity charging.
-Supports automated receiving, order picking replenishment, layer picking, end-of-line production, staging for shipping.
-Optimizes labor-intensive picking function for great cost savings.Improved productivity, reduced labor requirements, best use of space.
-Reduced manual forklifts use at end-of-production-line, warehousing reduces product-facility damage
-Added side movement tracks between aisles helps the shuttles reach pallets positions even faster.
-This makes individual aisles shorter, results in even better availability for pallets or pallet batches. Shuttles, Lifts, side movement tracks between aisles extremely compact for best storage capacity.
-Software allows operator to issue large batches of tasks, prioritize tasks, operate automatically.
-Software can control several shuttles to work together to complete high priority tasks quickly.
-Automatic control by linking software to company’s ERP. Or by opertor through graphical interface.
-Software makes all picking strategies possible, allowing for full usage of the available storage lanes.
-Safety zones can be configured, so that shuttles can execute ongoing tasks in rest of warehouse, while a certain zone of warehouse becomes no-limit zone to shuttles.
-Can be designed with multiple lifting frames per shaft when needed to deploy more shuttles per level during peaks.
-Single software handles several shuttles, lifts to work together to complete high priority tasks quickly.
-Tandem operation possible-while one shuttle on top fetches pallets and place them in lift another shuttle at bottom level waits to transfer pallets to the loading/unloading area.
-With multi-shuttles-lifts, system can continue operation while a lift/shuttle malfunctions or are undergoing maintenance.
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