Automated Systems For Storage-Retrieval-Order Fulfillment

Stacker Cranes 120  kgs to 2500 kgs 4-Way Shuttles 50 kgs & 1500 kgs Shuttles Mother-Baby 1500 kgs Shuttles For Trays-Bins-Boxes 25-50 kgs
Mini-Store: Items In Bins-Boxes 25 kgs Multi-Aisle OH Shuttles Items in Bins-Boxes 25 kgs Multi-Store: Items On Trays 100-250 kgs Verti-Store For Items 500-1000 kgs On Trays
Hospi-Store For Hospital Medical Items Verti-Store Hospital Beds, Food-Item Trolleys
Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Long Bars Multi Aisle OH Crane For Mobile Racks Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Oil Drums Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Rolls 500 to 4500 kgs

Multi-Aisle OH Manual Crane up to 500 kgs Multi-Aisle OH Crane Unit Loads 500-2500 kgs Heavy Loads-Moulds-Dies Upto 5 Tons Mutli-Aisle OH Crane 20T Moulds-Casting-Forging
Rack Clad Seismic Warehouses  Instantly Adjustable Racks For Heavy Goods Storage Flat Goods
Storage For Long Goods Twin Towers For Long Goods Multi Towers With OH Crane For Long Goods Honeycomb Racks For Long Goods
OH Gantry Picker Mixed-Full Layer Case Palletizer OH Gantry Full-Mixed Crate Picker Fresh Food Bakery
OH Gantry Crate Picker For Dairies Icecreams
OH Gantry Crate Palletizer Food & Beverages
Grocery Fresh Fruit Vegetables Frozen Food Beverage Meat Snacks RTC RTE Items Food Wholesale Retail FMCG-Cosmetics-Perfumes
Fashion Apparels Footwear Chemicals-Pharmaceuticals Industrial Parts-Spares Coils-Rolls-Packaging
Chemicals-Paints-Greases Multi-Brand Retail Wholesale Convenience Stores Electrical-Electronics
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