Automated Systems For Storage-Retrieval-Order Fulfillment

Stacker Cranes 120  kgs to 2500 kgs 4-Way Shuttles 50 kgs & 1500 kgs Shuttles Mother-Baby 1500 kgs Shuttles For Trays-Bins-Boxes 25-50 kgs
Mini-Store: Items In Bins-Boxes 25 kgs Multi-Aisle OH Shuttles Items in Bins-Boxes 25 kgs Multi-Store: Items On Trays 100-250 kgs Verti-Store For Items 500-1000 kgs On Trays
Vertical Carousels Pallet Store ≤1000 kgs upto 25m x 12m   Microfulfillment Through Petrol Pumps
Hospi-Store For Hospital Medical Items Verti-Store Hospital Beds, Food-Item Trolleys  Pharma-Store Online Medicine Distribution Vertical Carousels For Hospitals-Pharmacies
Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Long Bars Multi Aisle OH Crane For Mobile Racks Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Oil Drums Multi-Aisle OH Crane For Rolls 500 to 4500 kgs

Multi-Aisle OH Manual Crane up to 500 kgs Multi-Aisle OH Crane Unit Loads 500-2500 kgs Heavy Loads-Moulds-Dies Upto 5 Tons Mutli-Aisle OH Crane 20T Moulds-Casting-Forging
AS/RS Long & Flat Goods Twin Towers For Long Goods OH Crane Stores Across Multiple Towers Honeycomb Storage System
OH Gantry Picker Mixed-Full Layer Case Palletizer OH Gantry Full-Mixed Crate Picker Fresh Food Bakery
OH Gantry Crate Picker For Dairies Icecreams
OH Gantry Crate Palletizer Food & Beverages
Grocery Fresh Fruit Vegetables Frozen Food Beverage Meat Snacks RTC RTE Items Food Wholesale Retail FMCG-Cosmetics-Perfumes
Fashion Apparels Footwear Chemicals-Pharmaceuticals Industrial Parts-Spares Coils-Rolls-Packaging
Chemicals-Paints-Greases Multi-Brand Retail Wholesale  Vertical Storage Flat Goods Electrical-Electronics
Rack Clad Warehouses  Instantly Adjustable Racks For Heavy Goods
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