Automated Storage-Retrieval Systems For Warehouses, Distribution Centers, In-Plant Buffer Storage, Order Fulfillment Centers

AS/RS Automated Storage-Retrieval Solutions For Ambient – Controlled Temperatures Warehouses (RM, WIP, FG),  In-Plant Logistics, Fulfillment / Distribution Centers.
Solutions for Unit Load Carrying Unit Capacities from Up To 1 kg to Up To 40 Tons. For Heavy Goods, Coils, Long Goods, Flat Goods, Drums, Rolls, Roll Cages, Metal Cages-Carts, Goods On Pallets, Goods In Plastic Bins, Crates, Cartons, Boxes……
Selection Of Automation Technologies Depends On Individual Needs of Inventory Stored, Available Height, Floor Space, Unit Loads/ Mini Loads, Payload Capacity, No. Of Storage Positions, Throughput, Volumes, SKU Mixes, Temperatures. Few Examples – Rail Guided Or Overhead Stacker Cranes, Rack Based Or Overhead Shuttles, Overhead Crate Pickers, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Machines, Vertical Lifts With Shuttles, Honeycomb Storage, Overhead Crane With Shuttle Lift, …………
Stacker Cranes Overhead Stacker Cranes Rack Shuttles Systems Overhead Shuttles
Stacker Crane Tray Picking Shuttle With Lift Upto 3000 Kgs VertiStore VLM Vertical Lift Machine RotoStore Vertical Carousels
VLM With Shuttle Pallet 1000 kgs VLM With Shuttle For Trays VLM Shuttles 5 Trays 25 Kgs Each VLM Shuttles 5 Trays Hospitals
VLM Shuttle Miniloads Overhead Case Picker – No Racks Towers With OH Shuttle Long Goods Petrol Pumps – Hyper Local Fulfillment


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